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Easily add fold mirrors in LensMechanix
Wed, Feb 21, 2018 7:30-8:30 AM PST
Mechanical engineers frequently need to indicate where fold mirrors must be placed for an optical system to fit inside of a designated product footprint. LensMechanix 4.5 simplifies this process with the introduction of a new feature that automatically adds a fold mirror capable of two-dimensional beam steering. With the Fold Mirror tool, you can create more compact designs to accommodate predefined mechanical envelopes.
Learn how to:
  • Add a fold mirror to your system
  • Interpret results from the OPS after adding a fold mirror
  • Visualize how light travels through a folded system
  • Add multiple fold mirrors
  • Apply best practices to avoid pitfalls using the Fold Mirror tool
About the instructor:
Esteban Carbajal is a senior optomechanical engineer on the LensMechanix team at Zemax.

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